Monday, February 2, 2015

City-County Council Filings through February 2

Updating the filings for City-County Council through Monday, Feb. 2.

District 1
Angela Lynn Mansfield (D)*
Leroy Robinson (D)*

District 2
William David Bowser (R)
Colleen Fanning (R)
Kipper V. Tew (D)*

District 3
Timothy Rutledge Craft (R)
Pamela Louise Hickman (D)*
Christine Edith Scales (R)*

District 4
Michael McQuillen (R)*

District 5
Curtis Wesley Bigsbee (D)
Jeffery William Coats (R)

District 6
Joseph Brendan Baker (R)
Francisco Robert Islas (D)
Janice Shattuck McHenry (R)*

District 7
Joseph Edward Simpson (D)*

District 8
Monroe Gray (D)*

District 9
William C. Oliver (D)*

District 10
Maggie Ann Lewis (D)*

District 11
Vop Osili (D)*

District 12
Robert Blake Johnson (D)
Susan Marie Smith (R)

District 13
Stephen J. Clay (D)*

District 14
La Keisha Danyse Jackson (D)*

District 15
No Candidates Filed

District 16
Jeffrey Grant Miller (R)*
Emily Armonia Shrock (D)

Miller currently is listed by the Election Board as having filed in 15, but he says that his writing may have been misread by the Election Board.  He lives in Precinct 15-02 which is in 16.  I assume a correction is forthcoming.  Thus, I placed him in the correct district.

District 17
Zachary W. Adamson (D)*

District 18
Edwin Joseph Barnes (D)
Susie Cordi (R)

District 19
Benjamin David Hunter (R)*
David Michael Ray (D)

District 20
Jon Eric Easter (D)
Jason Holliday (R)*

District 21
Anthony Paul Davidson (R)
Frank Mascari (D)*

District 22
Jared Nathaniel Evans (D)
Robert B. Lutz (R)*

District 23
Scott Alan Kreider (R)

District 24
Jack E. Sandlin (R)*

District 25
Aaron Freeman (R)*
Jeffrey Todd Wheeler (D)

*-Denotes incumbent
Note: These are the filings for the May Primary.


William said...

Councilor Jeff Miller is actually in District 15 not 16.

Jim Lingenfelter said...

Jon, you should clarify that this is filing for the primary. And that the filing for slating is a separate issue.

Anonymous said...

William, I believe Jeff is 16.

johnnystir said...

I contacted Miller. This is an error on either his part or the Election Board's part. He lives in Precinct 15-02 which is in District 16.

I never said this was filing for slating or anything of the matter. I only said this was who had filed.