Thursday, February 12, 2015

Brian Williams' Suspension Possibly Permanent

Brian Williams
Photo from NBC News
NBC Nightly News Managing Editor Brian Williams was suspended for six months with no pay on Tuesday as a result of his tall tale of false valor he told on the air a couple of weeks ago.

This six-month hiatus gives NBC a chance to see where the ratings-leading program goes.  If Lester Holt maintains the audience, then Williams likely becomes expendable at the end of the six month suspension.  He could be reassigned within NBC News or, more than likely, graciously shuffled aside for Holt or someone else.

Either way, I just get the feeling that we've probably seen the last NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams, and I'm not the only one.

I've heard lots said about this story over the last few days.  Many have tried to minimize the story that got Williams in trouble because of the timing he cited during the War in Iraq.  I don't equate the two.

I'm not going to say that I've been right here 100 percent of the time.  When I've been wrong, I've either corrected the error or I've fixed the blog post.  I, however, am a small potatoes blogger in Indianapolis.  I'm not the Managing Editor of NBC Nightly News.

On Tuesday, T.J. Holmes, an ABC Anchor, spoke to a group of students at Ben Davis High School and was asked his opinion.  He said that while he didn't know Brian Williams that this incident really tarnished Williams image especially since he's the face of NBC News, and it was about something having to do with the military.  He said that it would be difficult for Williams to come back, and I agree.

As you may be aware, these "false valor" reports have become somewhat of a YouTube sensation lately.  You can't be the face of NBC News and have a false valor report following you around.

We'll see what happens in August.

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