Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Bill to Eliminate Straight Ticket Vote Moves On

Yesterday, the Indiana House voted to strike down straight-ticket voting in Indiana.  Yep, your tax dollars at work.

That means that if the Indiana Senate agrees, it will be just a little bit less easy to vote when you go to the polls in November.  You won't have that straight ticket ability any longer.  Instead, you'll have to go through and mark each office individually on your ballot.

Proponents say that this will cause Indiana voters to become more educated about the elections they vote in.  I believe this will contribute further to voter apathy and frustration at the poll.  I wouldn't want to be working the polls that day.  I can only imagine how annoying it will be to answer all those questions about the ballot change.

Frankly, as an informed voter that is willing to trudge through heck or high water to vote, this change means nothing to me.  I'll still vote for the candidates I want to vote for, and I would assume most of you that read this blog will too.

Where this will make a difference is for those voters that vote in the general election that may miss a couple of election cycles here or there.  It also may make a difference for those party activists that are determined to vote the party's slate whether it be Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian.

If this is a bill that matters to you, contact your legislator in the Indiana Senate and tell them to vote this one down.

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