Friday, January 30, 2015

Ritz Seems Likely to Lose Power over State Board

Glenda Ritz
Superintendent of Public Instruction
The move to strip Glenda Ritz of all meaningful power and roll back the 2012 election results is nearly done in the Indiana Statehouse.

Republican legislators say that the move to allow the State Board of Education, an unelected board of political appointees, to name their own leader rather than the Superintendent of Public Instruction is not political, but I think that's not going to pass the manure test.

In Indiana, we know the smell of manure.  When you're driving around on a summer afternoon, there's nothing worse than getting stuck behind a truck full of it.  There's absolutely no way other than rolling up the windows and turning on the A/C that you can hope to avoid it.  In that case, the Republican party line wouldn't even stop smelling.

This is shifting the politics.  That's all.  It shifts control from the person Hoosiers elected to run the unelected board of political appointees to an unelected person from those political appointees who only serves at the pleasure of the Governor.  Other than beating the Governor at the ballot box, there's no way to hit reset on the state's education policy, and these kinds of things often get lost in the minutiae of many larger issues.

You've heard it here before, Glenda Ritz received more votes than Governor Pence did.  This is the way the Republicans have tried to put reformers like Tony Bennett back in the seat of educational power in Indiana.  Hell, you might as well go ahead and hire him back.

That's where we're going in education policy in this state, and you can thank the so-called "Democrats" who are on the board along with the Republicans at the Statehouse.  Teachers won't like this move if the Republicans insist on continuing with it.  Neither will Hoosier voters.

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