Friday, January 30, 2015

Republicans May Want to Pump Brakes on Taking Out Ritz

Superintendent Glenda Ritz
Glenda Ritz.

A national board-certified teacher who has become a lightning rod for Republican ire and quotes like this from Senate President Pro Tem, David Long, "In all fairness, Superintendent Ritz was a librarian, ok?"

She's so controversial that they have so nakedly attempted to pull her from power that they might have left their big old butts in the air waiting to be bitten in the end.

My apologies for the vivid image there, but Glenda Ritz is becoming a politician Democrats and even some disgruntled Republicans can rally around.  That makes her a big time danger to a properly-quaffed Governor named Mike who wants to maybe run for higher office someday.

In true Obi-Wan fashion, the Vader-like Republicans are making Glenda Ritz more powerful than they could ever imagine by removing her power.  They are perhaps turning her into a viable candidate for Governor.

Now, I understand we are a long way away from Glenda Ritz raising her right hand and becoming the state's highest executive, but you can't deny that the best thing for a Ritz campaign of the future would be the continued lack of respect she's being shown by those in power.  With a smart campaign manager and political advisers, she could turn this rollback of the voters' will in 2012 into an underdog's campaign of revolution in 2016.

If that happens, Pence, David Long and their cronies need only look in the all fairness, ok.

It's worth thinking about as we go forward, and it might be time for Republicans to think about it, too.

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