Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Moriarty Adams Deserves Thanks for Long Service

Councillor Mary Moriarty Adams
With Blake Johnson's announcement that he's running for City-County Council, the current longest-serving City-County Councillor also indirectly announced that she was stepping aside at the end of her term.

Mary Moriarty Adams was first elected to the Council in 1987 and took office in 1988.  Her nearly 30 years on the Council won't set a record when she leaves office, but she's served her Eastside Indianapolis constituents with record of distinction.

Staunchly independent, Moriarty Adams many times found herself at odds with the majority of her own party.  Moriarty Adams was one of the no votes on the landmark Human Rights Ordinance that expanded protection to lesbian and gay city employees. When budgeting issues arose with Republicans in 2010, Moriarty Adams was one of only two Democrats that did not walk out of the chamber.  Moriarty Adams also drew the ire of her party and voted earlier that year for Mayor Greg Ballard's utility deal that transferred the city's water and sewer assets to Citizen's Energy.  Since then, she's become much more of a reliable Democratic vote and maybe even a bit more liberal.  For example, she voted for benefits to be extended to domestic partners.

In her district, however, Moriarty Adams is revered by her constituents who have rewarded her with seven terms on the Council in a district that often was much more purple and swing in nature than reliably blue.  She has excelled with constituent service and has had a keen understanding of city-county government.  Losing her experience will be a big blow as she has served along with Mayors Hudnut, Goldsmith, Peterson, and Ballard.

Since Moriarty Adams joined the Council, Indianapolis has grown and changed into a much different city than it was in the late 1980's, and her work on the Council has been a part of that.  As we move forth to try to solve our city's problems, her voice will be missed.

While I've disagreed with Councillor Adams, I've never once doubted her passion for the City of Indianapolis and her devotion to her district.  As she winds down her term over the next year, please take some time, as I do here, to thank her for her service to the city and to Marion County.

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