Monday, January 12, 2015

Monday Hodge Podge: A Vaughn Files for Mayor; Johnson Enters District 12 Race; Posting Schedule

Posting is going to be a little sporadic this week.  Lots on my plate here as we hit early January, and I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep to the daily schedule.  Please bear with me.

Vaughn Joins Mayor's Race
At one point, we thought a Vaughn might run for Mayor, but I didn't think it would be this one.  Larry Vaughn has also filed paperwork to run for Mayor.

Vaughn is a familiar figure to those that follow local government.  He's extremely active and is often seen speaking on just about anything he can it seems sometimes.  That leads some to derisively refer to Vaughn, but I'll take the other road.  I believe that Vaughn loves this city or else he would not care so much about what happens here.

Since he filed as a Democrat, can he beat Joe Hogsett?  When pigs fly Greg Ballard to his next trade mission.  That doesn't mean that he's not earned the right to run or won't add to the campaign in some way.

Blake Johnson Files for Council
It also appears that Blake Johnson has stepped forward and will be running in District 12 for the City-County Council.  This means that Mary Moriarty Adams will be stepping away from her seat on the Council after nearly 28 years on board.  She is the longest-serving City-County Councillor having been elected in 1987.

Johnson, a former teacher and Communications Director for Congressman Andre Carson, says Councillor Moriarty Adams will serve as his campaign chair.  More on this development in coming days.

Gotta run.  Stay safe folks and don't go slip sliding away!

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jim lingenfelter said...

John, very appropriate comment about Larry Vaughn. I often find myself "in his camp" on his comments. I especially appreciate him calling out those politicians who talk about federal money being free money. May he help keep the city honest.