Thursday, January 29, 2015

McHenry's Road to Reelection Will Not Be Easy

Incumbent Janice McHenry has a challenger from her side of the aisle who is filed in District 6, and a Democrat has filed in the district, too.
The Westside Republican, who is running for a third-term on the Council, will face fellow Republican Joseph Baker in the Primary and, so far, Francisco Islas in the fall.  McHenry, of course, drew the ire of many Democrats when she testified against keeping the At-Large City-County Councillors during the SEA 621 debate by saying that the four countywides were "anonymous" and unknown to their constituents.

My friend, Paul Ogden, has stated in the past that McHenry is good at retail politics, and you can expect her to work the district hard.  She will have to.  While it does contain areas she currently represents, it also seems to have been expanded to include areas to the north and south of her current boundaries.  District 6 appears to be represented by Democrats Ed Delaney, Karlee Macer, and Vanessa Summers in the Indiana House.

Democrat Francisco Islas is filed in the district.  If you believe the maps and the numbers, Islas will give McHenry all she wants in that district.  Hopefully, he elects to work the district as hard as McHenry will.

I still think it would have been funny if Leroy Robinson, one of those At-Large Councillors she railed against, would have filed against her in the 2015 election.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Looking at the baseline in the new District 6, here's what I found:

2010: 52.38 Republican
2012: 43.37 Republican
2014: 51.55 Republican

Her district is one of the few northside districts actually made more Republican in Brooks map. It was about 46% Republican when she won again in 2007. The more Republican current district was accomplished by adding more far west side Wayne Township precincts.

I've gone door-to-door with McHenry when we worked for another candidate one year. She has unbelievable energy and doesn't shy away from direct voter contact. She practically runs from door to door because she doesn't waste a minute.

Yet she has major weaknesses. She has totally signed onto the Ballard tax increase, corporate welfare agenda. If the Democratic candidate would exploit her votes on those issues with slick mail pieces, he or she would peel off enough normally Republican leaning voters (especially those in the new Wayne precincts) to tip the balance. It wouldn't take much.

Paul K. Ogden said...

Correction: I meant when McHenry won again in 2011.

Alex Ralston said...

Ironic that she testified for elimination of the at-large seats, given that she ran at-large in 2003.

Anonymous said...

She tried to stop the Indy Parks Department from reducing the Deer herd that is destroying Eagle Creek Park through use of an ordinance to prevent the use of firearms unless approved by the council. In the past she has consistently sided with local neighborhood crazies to harass and badger park officials trying to do their job at Eagle Creek Park. Now that the entire park is in this new district do we want a council person who represents only those folks that scream the loudest to the detriment of the majority of the rest of us?