Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lewis Reelected President of the City-County Council

Council President
Maggie Lewis
For the fourth time, Maggie Lewis has been elected by her peers as President of the City-County Council.

Since Democrats reclaimed the Council, Lewis' steady hand has shepherded the majority through what can often be difficult waters.  After all, herding Democrats is oftentimes like herding cats, but Lewis has done a spectacular job.

Respected on both sides of the aisle, Lewis survived an overthrow attempt last year by Brian Mahern who found Republicans that wouldn't play ball with his scheme to oust the President. That's even after the Democrats made controversial moves to reduce Republican representation on committees.

Yes, Lewis hasn't been afraid to play hardball, either, but she's been pragmatic enough to get things done in a bi-partisan manner and keep the Council moving forward with the Mayor.  It's tough to do in split party leadership, but she's done it well.

Lewis should be easily reelected in November, so there's no question that if she wishes to remain in the role of President that she should be able to do so.

In other Council leadership news, John Barth was reelected Vice President of the Council.  Mike McQuillen and Marilyn Pfisterer will remain the two highest-ranking Republicans on the Council.  Councillor Monroe Gray will lead the Democratic Caucus.

Gary Welsh over at Advance Indiana has a post on some more of the fireworks that happened at the meeting.  It's worth a read.

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