Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Hogsett's Fundraising Numbers Mirror Campaign's Great Start

Joe Hogsett
I know most of you already know this, but Joe Hogsett is off to a great start in his run for Mayor of Indianapolis.  His fundraising numbers are off to a remarkable start as well.

The former U.S. Attorney and Indiana Secretary of State has raised a whopping $1.45 million since mid-August.  He has over $1.37 million on hand.  According to the campaign, this is a record pace for Mayor of Indianapolis.

Hogsett still does not have any official opposition in the race.  Reverend Charles Harrison, leader of the Ten Point Coalition, is still considering a run for Mayor and has formed an exploratory committee.  He is believed to be pursuing a run on either the Libertarian Party ticket or launching an independent campaign.  Sam Carson is also pursing an independent spot on the ballot.

Republicans continue to search for a candidate, and, from all indications I've been able to gather, the search is not going well.  Mayor Greg Ballard represented his party's best chance electoral to keep the office against Hogsett.  When he stepped aside, the Republican Party's chances of finding a candidate that could come near raising enough money to compete with Hogsett went away, too.

There's still a long way back to November, but how the Republicans can be left in this kind of lurch without much of a glimmer of hope is head scratching.  Ballard became Mayor of Indianapolis without owing much to anyone.  It appears he's going out leaving his own party in much worse shape than it was when he entered the office.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

There's nothing great about raising money almost exclusively from people doing business with the city. That's something to be concerned about.