Friday, January 2, 2015

GOP-Backed Bill to Allow Pence to Run for President Equals Bad Politics

Governor Mike Pence
This is going to be one whale of an Indiana General Assembly session.  I can just feel the crazy.

Speaking of which, Senator Mike Delph has  an idea.  He wants to pass a bill that will allow Governor Mike Pence to run for Governor and for President at the same time.  He believes, he says, that having a sitting Governor in the national limelight is good for the state.  He proposes doing away with the boundaries that might prevent him from running.

This coming from the same Mike Delph that was so concerned about the integrity of elections a couple of years ago that he wanted to do away with straight-party voting or party affiliation whatsoever on the ballot.  Does this bill that would allow Pence to run for Governor and President sound like something Delph would come up with?

Not to me.  In fact, when I found out that Delph was the person behind the bill, I chuckled.  It's clear that someone in leadership wants Delph to carry the water on this one perhaps as a hazing humiliation to get him back in the caucus.  You remember that Delph was expelled from his own caucus last year after divulging some of the contents of a secret caucus meeting.  His Twitter tirades didn't help, either.

This is a really bad idea to begin with.  In other situations where I've seen this occur, it's usually been for federal and not state office.  Joe Biden was doubly victorious in his Senate reelection bid as well as his bid to be Vice President.  He resigned from the Senate.  Paul Ryan won reelection to Congress while losing his race for Vice President in 2012.  I believe Joe Lieberman also won reelection the the Senate in 2000 while on the ballot for VEEP as Al Gore's running mate. I would argue that state and federal issues are quite different, and if a strong Democrat emerges as a candidate for Governor, it would be very unwise for Pence to try to run for both at once.

I think that Pence's chance of actually winning the nomination at this point are very slim, but he does appear to be one of a handful of candidates wanting to launch that national race.  Ultimately, I think this will all be moot and he will pass on a run this time around, but only Mike Pence knows for sure.

As for Delph, looks like he's going to be the Republican's spaghetti guy.  He'll throw bills up against the wall to see if they stick.

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