Wednesday, January 28, 2015

District 1 Features Clash of Incumbents

In City-County Council District 1, two Democratic incumbents have filed to run, and it's sending shockwaves across Marion County.

City-County Councillor Angela Mansfield represents about 40 percent of the new District 1 currently, and she finds herself paired against Leroy Robinson who had to find a district to run in because his At-Large seat was legislated out of existence.  Robinson recently moved to District 1, Indy Democrat sources say.  Under the new state law, you only have to live in the City-County Council district you represent for a year before taking office.   According to filings with the Marion County Election Board, Robinson moved from District 10 to District 1.  Expected to file in District 10 is City-County Council President Maggie Lewis.

As far as District 1 goes, Mansfield is the much more established Councillor in the area, and she's earned a reputation of working hard for her constituents.  It's kind of perplexing to me why Robinson would decide to challenge Mansfield, but he has done so and appears to be going through with the challenge.  Robinson could have decided to move West and battle Janice McHenry or South and take on Marilyn Pfisterer.  Instead, he's taking on one of the best Councillors on the Council.

I think one way or another, Robinson made a mistake.  Either in the pre-primary convention or the May Primary, he'll find out that Mansfield is no slouch when it comes to a campaign.


Sagapo Coach said...

Great post and excellent points my friend!

Anonymous said...

The district is a Pike district and Angela has been a general no show in Pike for her entire career.

Anonymous said...

I will be so glad to see Robinson and his crazy proposals gone once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Angela most certainly works her Pike neighborhoods. She walked my neighborhood streets with me and my neighbors assessing the condition of our streets. She has always responded to my emails.

Anonymous said...

District 1 is NOT a Pike district. It is a district of constituents who want equal representation for all. I don't understand what the fixation on townships is. The township boundaries don't change what you and your friend across the street want.

For those who seem to think it is important it is 35% Washington and 65% Pike.