Monday, January 5, 2015

Democrats Must Push Pence on Pursuit of Two Offices

Governor Mike Pence
It would be unwise for Mike Pence to pursue two offices at once, and someone needs to tell him so.  It would also be unwise for Democrats to sit back and let Pence go unchallenged on the issue, and I'm telling them right now.

That's right John Gregg or Baron Hill or whoever the candidate may be on the Democratic side that might be interested in running for Governor.  I don't care what 2015 toes you step on, it's time to be loud and to be vocal and to not let Mike Pence get away with what he's trying to do.

I know that Mike Pence is all about rewriting the election results of 2012.  Just look at what he's doing to Glenda Ritz.  That said, he did not top 50 percent of the vote.  He saw a huge lead just a few weeks before the election in most polls collapse to just a 3.2 percentage point margin of victory on election night, and, let's face it, there's a lot to attack Pence on in 2016.

I believe it is time for the Democrat most likely to challenge Pence in 2016 to open his or her campaign and open it now.  Immediately, the gloves need to come out so that Mike Pence is forced to choose one or the other.  He should not be allowed to play with his constituents in Indiana no matter what Mike Delph wants to allow him to do.

It's time for the Democrats to push the issue.  The Libertarians could help, too.

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