Tuesday, January 27, 2015

City-County Council Filings as of January 26

The filing deadline for the City-County Council seats is a little over a week away, and the filings are beginning to fly in, but there are still a few openings.

In the interest of full disclosure, I will be filing for the Democratic nomination for City-County Council, in District 20 on Thursday.  Don't be surprised.  I have had an exploratory committee for several months, and I plan to make it official on Thursday.

As of the close of business yesterday evening, here are the filings for City County Council.  Incumbents are noted with an asterisk.  Remember, all seats are newly-drawn from their 2011 boundaries so there really are not incumbents for the district races only Council incumbents.  Plus, the At-Large seats will not exist, so those folks have to file in a district.

I'll review these over the next couple of weeks until the filing deadline, and I'll do some early analysis tomorrow.  Enjoy!

District 1
Angela Lynn Mansfield (D)*
Leroy Robinson (D)*

District 2
William David Bowser (R)

District 3
Pamela Louise Hickman (D)*
Christine Edith Scales (R)*

District 4
No Candidates Filed

District 5
Curtis Wesley Bigsbee (D)
Jeffery William Coats (R)

District 6
Joseph Brendan Baker (R)
Francisco Robert Islas (D)
Janice Shattuck McHenry (R)*

District 7
Joseph Edward Simpson (D)*

District 8
Monroe Gray (D)*

District 9
William C. Oliver (D)*

District 10
No Candidates Filed

District 11
No Candidates Filed

District 12
Robert Blake Johnson (D)

District 13
Stephen J. Clay (D)*

District 14
La Keisha Danyse Jackson (D)*

District 15
No Candidates Filed

District 16
Emily Armonia Shrock (D)

District 17
Zachary W. Adamson (D)*

District 18
Edwin Joseph Barnes (D)

District 19
No Candidates Filed

District 20
No Candidates Filed

District 21
Frank Mascari (D)*

District 22
No Candidates Filed

District 23
No Candidates Filed

District 24
No Candidates Filed

District 25
No Candidates Filed


Indy Student said...

I ran into Councilor Robinson at an event in the current (not new) council district 7, my home district, represented by Maggie Lewis. I mentioned she's my councilor and he told me she's his councilor too. I wonder if he lived on a very northern edge of the district and was gerrymandered into it, or if he ended up moving.

Anonymous said...

Robinson did not live anywhere near District 1 when the maps were drawn. He moved into the district a few months ago.

johnnystir said...

My sources say that Councillor Robinson still owns a home in District 7 but is living in an apartment in District 1.

I believe he has underestimated Angela Mansfield, but he didn't ask me. Constituent service is her middle name.

johnnystir said...

Remember, under the new law, you can simply move into a district as long as you have lived there one year from taking office.