Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Chairman's Nightmare Playing Out for Walker

The race for Mayor in 2015 has shown one thing if nothing else.  Marion County Republican Chair Kyle Walker has lost control of his party.

Deputy Mayor Olgen Williams
Take this week for example.  The Republicans, secretive and promising to make a big splash, promised a local businessman was about to announce his run for Mayor.  As Chuck Brewer was waiting on the high dive preparing his Triple Lindy to dive into the Mayor's race, Olgen Williams ran by, slapped him on the belly, and cannonballed his way in.  Kyle Walker stood by, all wet.

Local Businessman Chuck Brewer
You could say that things got complicated when Greg Ballard's Deputy Mayor for Neighborhoods decided to enter the race on Monday, Dr. Martin Luther King Day.  This upstaged Brewer's announcement and added a very strong Republican to the race.  In essence, Williams, who has largely been silent during his time as Deputy Mayor for Neighborhoods, usurped control from the man who was supposed to have it, Kyle Walker.  Welcome back Olgen.

I don't envy Walker.  This may be his toughest challenge to date.  How to get this one solved is going to take whatever skill he has as a party chair.  Williams isn't the choice of the party.  That has been made clear by Brewer's emergence.  Williams may, however, prove to be the better candidate because of name recognition.

Kyle Walker can't simply go in and attack Williams, either.  After all, as one of the members of Mayor Ballard's Administration, that would be like attacking the judgement of the Mayor.  He's going to have to let this one play out, I think.  Williams, a veteran politician, knows it.

The poor guy in the middle of all this is probably Chuck Brewer.  I'm sure someone talked him into running and putting his life and business on hold.  Now this.  What a welcome to politics.

This one's going to be interesting for a while as it unfolds, and presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Hogsett is probably content to watch.


Anonymous said...

Surely Olgen had a conversation with GOP leaders about stepping into the race. They most likely discouraged him from running. Walker had at least a year or more to consider the possibility that Ballard wouldn't run again. He didn't use that time to sell a viable city leader on runnjng for mayor as part of their civic duty. He's a slacker as a party chair. Walker's been spending too much time sampling cocktails with Abdul at every bar in town.

Anonymous said...

We Dem's better get a viable message together or there will be no need for Joe to run... The 'fighting crime' with more police has worn pretty thin. The one who promotes Ballard's visions will be the one to gain the respect of the voters..and I hope that our won't be a constant banter of 'anti'Ballard...