Friday, January 9, 2015

Adande to Run for Mayor

Jocelyn-Tandy T. Adande
The Republicans have found a candidate for Mayor.

Jocelyn-Tandy T. Adande has filed to run for Mayor of Indianapolis.  This is her umpteenth run for office and most recent run as a Republican.  It's clearly not her first time at the rodeo.  She ran for Mayor as a Democrat in 1999 as well as countless other offices.

Just since 2010, Adande ran for Marion County Recorder.  In 2011, Adande ran for the Republican nomination for City-County Council, At Large.  The Marion County Republican Party dedicated an entire mailer to her defeat.  In 2013, she challenged Walker for his chairmanship, and in 2014, she ran for Marion County Clerk.

For all her efforts, all she's drawn from the Marion County Republican Party has been a cold shoulder.  In May, the Marion County GOP wouldn't even sell her a ticket to their fundraiser.

No one seems to want to enter this race against Joe Hogsett as a Republican, so Adande should be credited for giving it a go.  Her entry may even force the issue more for Walker, who is increasingly looking more and more weak as a chair.

Rev. Charles Harrison is expected to enter as a Libertarian or Independent if he runs.  Sam Carson is attempting a run as an independent.


Anonymous said...

Take a look:

HB 1012

Provides that a person or a political party that knowingly does either of the following commits a Level 6 felony: (1) Solicits or receives money or other property as a condition that the person, another person, or a political party support or slate a candidate. (2) Pays money or gives other property in exchange for the support or slating of a candidate by a person or a political party.

Anonymous said...

well I am sure that all the city's political appointments are breathing easier today knowing that they now have a viable candidate who can win this race. What a load off...