Tuesday, December 16, 2014

No Merritt in This Campaign

Senator Jim Merritt
Senator Jim Merritt made it known today to anyone that would listen that he has no interest in running for Mayor of Indianapolis.  He becomes the latest high-profile Republican to take a pass on the office.

Merritt did tell Mary Milz of WTHR that he plans to run for Governor of Indiana someday in the future whenever the job is open.  It was a candid admission from a very keen politician.  We'll save that campaign talk for another day.

So, it's back to square one for Mr. Kyle Walker.  Milz said that she had talked to former City-County Councillor Scott Keller who said he could bring $4 million to the table for a run if he was guaranteed a clear path to the nomination.  I think that's more of a shot across Walker's bow than anything.  Keller was abandoned by the GOP years ago after he sided with the Democrats in the non-discrimination policy and police merger battles.  Without any party support to back Keller, Brian Mahern easily defeated him when he ran for reelection to the Council in 2007.  It remains to be seen what will happen there.

The best offer on the table for Walker would be to join up with Reverend Charles Harrison and try to make him the Republican nominee for Mayor.  Still a longshot, Harrison might be the best chance Republicans have to hold the office.  Harrison still has not declared a party.

The danger here is for Democratic frontrunner and election frontrunner Joe Hogsett to fight the air of inevitability.  If I know Joe, he'll continue to campaign like he's 20 points behind in the polls because it's something he truly loves to do.  He loves to talk to people, shake hands, listen to problems, and fight for votes.

We'll see, however, if Walker could pull a rabbit or two out of his rapidly shrinking hat of candidates.  The best choice may be Governor Mitch Daniels' sister and former U.S. Attorney Deborah Daniels.  No question she could raise money and having that last name provides her with plenty of name recognition as well.  She hasn't been bandied about as a candidate thus far, but it will be interesting to see if she might pop up at the last minute.


William said...

The world of possible candidates is shrinking fast, and ones with name ID and credibility to mount a serious campaign are running out.

Some names that I haven't heard and don't know if they have an interest or even are still residents of Indy but would think have to at least be thrown out there are Teresa Lubbers, Marvin Scott, Dorris Ann Sadler maybe even Kyle Walker himself.

Whom ever it is, I agree Joe needs to keep working the community like he is behind by double digits and connecting with the voters whom he wants to represent.

Anonymous said...

Jeff Cardwell is still thinking about it. Deborah Daniels would certainly be a "bitchin'" candidate.
Kyle Walker-don't make me laugh.
Harrison-most likely made a deal with GOP to take votes away from Hogsett as a third party candidate when they finally get around to unearthing a Republican candidate.

Anonymous said...

Word is Deborah Daniels has been approached but remember she just received a managing partnership back in Novembers with the law firm, Krieg DeVault.

Anonymous said...

OK, 65 year old black lady that has voted Democrat her entire now has to choose between another middle age pasty white guy who really has done nothing for the black community or Rev. Harrision..I think thats a no brainer....the fact that Joel Miller just dismissed Rev. Harrision should cause big concern for Democrats. Its a fact that Miller told his team that they will keep Harrision off the ballot if he runs as an independent......how progressive of us.

Eric said...

Our buddy Dan Carpenter has a piece about Merritt and the mayor's race INforefront. What we have to watch out for is the Koch Brothers, et al. coming in and spending millions on T.V. ads to portray Hogsett as some kind of monster. These guys have been involving themselves in local races, even in small towns. Hogsett had better reserve plenty of airtime on local T.V. A visit by Barack Obama would do a lot to boost turnout. The prez may not be popular nationally, but he would do pretty well in Marion County!

Anonymous said...

It won't be Obama. It will be Bill Clinton. Hogsett is a personal friend of the Clintons, and I could easily see him bringing in Bill for a fundraiser or campaign stop.

Furthermore, how do you know what Hogsett will be able to do for the black community? I guarantee he will be much better at politics than Rev. Harrison will be.