Thursday, December 11, 2014

Garrison's Show Shrinks In Favor of Katz

Greg Garrison
On his own show this morning, Greg Garrison announced that he would be dropping his show from three hours to two hours.  Tony Katz will be making up the difference, and he appeared on Garrison's show to make the mutual announcement.

Interestingly, during the interview, Garrison didn't even seem to know the details of the move erroneously saying that Katz would be doing 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. rather than seeing his slot expand from 5 a.m. to 10 a.m.

I guess one less hour of Garrison is progress.

It's being spun as a mutual decision by Garrison and company to have Indy radio's codger write more for WIBC and expand Katz's show, but it's pretty clear that WIBC wants to get younger.  With ratings on the upswing right now (up to a 6.2 from a 5.1 this August. station-wide) Garrison stands out as the sore thumb among the new whipper snappers.

Tony Katz
Katz, the Chicks on the Right, and Abdul all seem like babies compared to Garrison, a gifted attorney but a horrid radio host.  The station has also taken pains to get younger by adding Dana Loesch's radio program a few years back to its airwaves.  They showed longtime anchor Steve Simpson the door a few months ago in favor of Katz.  Simpson has since landed on his feet in Minneapolis.

I assume Garrison's audience is still unique and special enough that WIBC wants to keep them around, but let's face it, his show is old fashioned.  It's the same stuff every week.  He has the same guests and the same interviews.  In a world of new and different, Garrison's show is the wood-paneled office of yesterday.  He's a relic of talk radio from two decades past.  He's never changed his show, and he's never had to do it.  Now, he's getting replaced by the new model.

Garrison has been an institution for almost 20 years on the Indy airwaves, and his show remains WIBC's last long-running local weekday program.  For now, he'll stay on the air, but it's anyone's guess how long.

Rush...they're coming for you next!

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