Thursday, December 4, 2014

DeLaney Leaves Mayor's Race...Harrison Files Exploratory Committee

Rep. Ed DeLaney
Ed DeLaney dropped out of the Mayor's race today, and that's great news.

It means that the longtime legislator will remain in the Indiana General Assembly where his strong and clear voice is sorely needed at this time when few Democrats prowl the halls.

What's curious is how DeLaney termed his exit.  In a news release, the DeLaney campaign talks about Ed's appointment to the powerful Ways and Means Committee.  He talks passionately about the area's he's looking forward to helping such as pre-K education.

What he didn't do was endorse Joe Hogsett, and that, to me, is disappointing.  This was an opportunity for DeLaney to show some unity with even one sentence, but he didn't do it.  He only talked about ending his run for mayor with "reluctance because of my deep commitment to this city."

So much for sticking the dismount.

Joe Hogsett issued a statement on DeLaney's departure from the race.
“I want to thank my friend Ed DeLaney for his tireless work elevating the important issues that are so critical to the future of our city. His leadership at the Statehouse is invaluable, and I look forward to partnering with him to make Indianapolis a safer, more prosperous city.”
On the same day DeLaney dropped out, Charles Harrison stepped in.  The head of the Ten Point Coalition has yet to declare a party, but he now has a Twitter handle and a website.  So far, it's just an exploratory run.  We'll see how Harrison puts together a possible campaign.

The Republicans still don't have a candidate.

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