Friday, November 14, 2014

Walker Ripped for Attack on Hogsett by Tully, Blogosphere

Kyle Walker's Glamour Shot
Republicans are scared of Joe Hogsett.

All you have to do is look at the response from Kyle Walker, the Marion County Republican Party's Chair, unleashed a rip on Joe's electoral history.

"Joe Hogsett has been rejected by voters three times and next year will be the fourth; either in May or November. Hogsett's unwillingness to support pre-k for low-income families is one of the many reasons he is wrong for Indianapolis."

The Indy Star's Matt Tully called the attempt at a zinger, "silly partisanship" and Republican bloggers Paul Ogden and Gary Welsh both ripped Mr. Walker for his ridiculous statement.

This signals how the 2015 race will go.  It's going negative, and the Republicans don't even have a candidate yet.  Just remember who lobbed the first volley.

As far as Mr. Walker's claim goes, I've never heard Joe speak out one way or another on the Mayor's Pre-K plan.  I did hear a lot from him last night on improving our schools and the quality of life in Marion County.  I guess that Walker didn't hear that part of the speech.

On Hogsett's electoral record, Joe Hogsett lost to Dan Coats in 1992, Dave McIntosh in a Congressional race in the 1994, the year of the Republican revolution, and to Steve Carter in the 2004 election when he filled the Attorney General spot on the ballot to help complete the statewide ticket.  Carter was running for reelection.

He's running as a popular Democrat in a city that is approaching a 60 percent Democratic baseline.  This is like no race Joe Hogsett has run before.

Walker also leaves out that Hogsett defeated Bill Hudnut in 1990 for Secretary of State.  He overcame a 30-point polling deficit to defeat the wildly popular Mayor of Indianapolis.

As Welsh and others have said, if this is all Walker's got, say hello to Mayor Joe Hogsett.

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