Sunday, November 2, 2014

Walker Out of Hibernation in Sheriff's Race

Marion County GOP Chair
Kyle Walker
Emboldened by some alleged poll that shows John Layton and Emmitt Carney statistically tied in the race for Sheriff, Kyle Walker decided to become active on Twitter last night.

The Indy Star's Matt Tully had posted a tweet about a negative ad that the Layton camp was running and said that is an indication the campaign must be concerned.  Former Democratic State Party Chair Dan Parker chimed in to Tully's tweet to say that Layton was responding to lies about him from the Carney camp.  That's when Walker got involved.

He started hitting on the early release numbers and the number of sexual assaults within the Marion County Jail.  I've said it before, and I'll say it again: while those things are clearly not desired, some measure of it will go on no matter what person is Sheriff.  There will still be accidental releases and deputies that choose to do bad things.  Switching from Layton to Carney won't make one bit of difference, and, if you think it will, wait until the first time something like this happens under a Carney administration.

I pointed these things out on Twitter to Chairman Walker.  He replied, "Boy, you sure are nervous."  I then reminded him that I'm just a "dumb blogger" and he's the Marion County GOP Chair.  I'm not nervous about Tuesday because, whatever happens, life goes on for me as a blogger.  Who should be nervous is the people of Marion County.

Sheriff John Layton
As I stated last week, there's no one else for this job other than John Layton.  For over 40 years, he's been on the job protecting Marion County in the Marion County Sheriff's Department/Office.  He has extensive experience running not only the jail but in every other aspect of the job.

Carney has experience on the law enforcement side.  Since the merger of IMPD and the MCSO, it makes Carney's 29 years of experience moot.  He's never run a jail or a 911 call center.  He's never led an entity as large as the MCSO.  When I pressed Walker for any of Carney's platform, he said I was nervous.  Nope.  Just curious.  Carney has provided little in the way of detail as to what he will do to combat the issues he's campaigning on.  He's refused to give his opinion on key questions about the future of the Marion County Sheriff's Office at forums, and he's said in interviews that he needs to get in the office before knowing what the problems are and how to fix them.
Emmitt Carney

And, as far as Walker goes, as my friend Paul Ogden has pointed out, the Marion County Republican Party has done little or nothing for Carney to this point.  It's only now that Walker sees an opportunity to dive in and provide some help.  Perhaps he thinks it's 2007 all over again and Republicans will sweep to victory.

Maybe they will.  I'm just telling you what I think is best for Marion County.  When you have an experienced, capable and talented Sheriff, then you don't vote him out of office for someone who is untested and not wholly forthcoming with his plans.  If you don't believe me, check out Emmitt Carney's website. There's nothing there, and his Facebook page is full of selfies.  If one wants to lead, then they had better be prepared to govern and keeping things this close to the vest is not someone I want to run my county's jail.

With the dearth of information, we have to go back to the last time a Republican was Sheriff to see how that party ran things.  The Marion County Republicans overcrowded the jail so badly that Ronald Reagan Appointee Sarah Evans Barker placed a court-mandated number of inmates on the lockup.  She promised to fine the county if the number of inmates jailed exceeded that number.

The Marion County Jail also became known as one of the most harsh and inhumane jails in the country.  Comparisons with third-world prisons were drawn between our county's jail and some of the most notorious places in the world.  Today, the jail has been cleaned up, and it actually has earned accreditation as one of the finest lockups in the U.S.

I believe John Layton will be reelected on Tuesday, and I'm not nervous.  The sun will come up on Wednesday and we'll all go about our business.

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