Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Tew Elected by Caucus-goers to Council

Kip Tew
Photo courtesy of KriegDeVault.com
Attorney, author and political pundit Kip Tew was elected by special caucus voters to finish out Zach Adamson's At-Large term on the City-County Council just a few minutes ago.

Tew, a former Democratic Party Chair and State Chair for the Barack Obama campaign in 2008, was sworn in by Judge Jim Osborn and is now a Councillor.  Recently, Tew had been one of the political analysts on WRTV's programming alongside Lara Beck and Abdul-Hakim Shabazz. Tew chronicled the historic 2008 Obama campaign in Indiana in his book, Journey to Blue.

The vacancy on the Council was created as Adamson took over the vacant district seat opened by Brian Mahern's resignation last month.

It's widely believed that Tew may run for City-County Council in District 2 in 2015.  I guess that makes it Tew for Two!  City-County Councillor Will Gooden also currently resides in that district.

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