Friday, November 21, 2014

News That I Missed: It Will Be Republican, Democrat, Libertarian for Four More Years

In case you missed it, like I did, Republicans,'ll have the Libertarians to blame for at least four more years.

Punk Rock Libertarians reports that the Libertarian Party of Indiana has retained ballot access yet again and will remain a third choice for voters at the polls.  

Karl Tatgenhorst, who ran a very strong campaign for Secretary of State against Republican Connie Lawson and Democrat Beth White, earned 3.4 percent of the vote on Election Day.  Under Indiana Code, that's enough of a piece of the vote to stay on the ballot automatically without having to go through the extremely cumbersome process to get on the ballot in Indiana.

Back to the lede of this story, I don't believe those words for one second, but it seems like Libertarians often get blamed by partisans of both major parties for being the difference in close elections in Indiana.  This sells Libertarian candidates and their voters short.  They earn their votes just like Republicans and Democrats do, and, as they have since 1994, the L's will remain on Hoosier ballots.

I am late on reporting this.  Congratulations to my friends in the Libertarian Party.


Anonymous said...

Great column there Jon…food for thought? Rev. Charles Harrision on the Libertarian ticket for Mayor? Hmmm now that would screw things up wouldn't it

johnnystir said...

I don't think it would change much, to be honest.

Gene Debs said...

Vote Libertarian! Because life is nasty, brutish and short.