Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mitchell Takes Office Early as Treasurer

Kelly Mitchell
Indiana has a new Treasurer.

Kelly Mitchell, the Treasurer-Elect, took office today after taking the oath of office. Richard Mourdock resigned back in August. Mitchell defeated Democrat Mike Boland in the November General Election.

Mourdock resigned on the final day possible to receive his full retirement benefits from the state turning his back on his constituents. It was the final middle finger to the voters and the constituents that elected him by the controversial Mourdock.

Mitchell ran an excellent campaign to get the Republican nomination at the GOP’s convention this past summer allowing Marion Mayor Wayne Seybold and businessman Don Bates, Jr. to take each other out as she slid in as a reasonable alternative. She starts her own official term as auditor in January but will now serve out the rest of Mourdock’s unexpired term after being officially appointed by Governor Mike Pence.

She also starts with a clean slate and makes a clean break from those before her. It will be interesting to see where she takes the office and her public service from here.

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