Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Dems Sweep Marion County Races; GOP Holds Some Township Offices, Dems Pick Up Small Claims Court Seats

Indy Democrat is projecting that the Marion County Democratic Party will remain in control of the following offices: Prosecutor, Sheriff, Auditor, Assessor, Clerk, Recorder, and Circuit Court Judge.

In the race for Sheriff, it appears Mayor Greg Ballard's endorsement of Emmitt Carney had the opposite effect that Mr. Carney may have wanted.  John Layton was reelected by a wide margin proving that the Marion County GOP's tactics at the last few moments of the race were more than flawed.

Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry was easily reelected by defeating GOP attorney Duane Merchant.  Curry crossed the 60 percent mark in this race.

Julie Voorhies will just switch offices as she moves from the Recorder's Office to the Auditor's Office.  Voorhies defeated Republican Tracy McCarty.

Replacing Voorhies in the Recorder's Office come January 1, 2015, is my good friend Kate Sweeney Bell.  Sweeney Bell had two opponents, Republican Terry Dove and Libertarian Christopher Bowen.

In the race for Marion County Clerk, Christine Bischoff gave it a good run, but Myla Eldridge's determination has paid off.  The Democrat prevailed over Bischoff in a tighter-than expected race but still by a wide margin.

Eldridge's official title will be Marion County Clerk of the Circuit Court, and the Judge in that court will be Democrat Sheryl Lynch as of January 1.  Lynch defeated Therese Hanna, her Republican challenger.

Joe O'Connor had an easy night.  The Marion County GOP did not find him an opponent.

Indy Democrat can also project that the Republican Party will hold the Trustee's Offices in Decatur, Franklin, and Perry Townships.  The GOP will also hold the Constable and Small Claims Court Judge slots in those townships.

Democrats will control the Trustee's Offices in Pike, Washington, Lawrence, Center, and Warren Townships.  Wayne is too close for us to call at this time where Republican Andy Harris, the incumbent leads challenger Renee Pack by a few hundred votes.  Democrats have also held all three township offices in Pike, Washington, Center, and Warren Townships.  The Dems also will hold the Constable's Office in Wayne.

Democrats pick up an office in the Wayne Township Small Claims Court as Indy Democrat is projecting Gerald Coleman defeating incumbent Republican Danny Vaughn.  Dems also pick up the Lawrence Township Small Claims Court with Kim Bacon defeating GOP incumbent Clark Rehme.

More to come...

Incumbent Andy Harris did hold on to his seat by just a few hundred votes over Renee Pack in the race for Wayne Township Trustee.


Anonymous said...

Not to be a nit-pick, but the Lawrence Township Court is a pick-up as well...

johnnystir said...

Not nitpicking at all. I see that it was. Too many races to follow tonight. I'll fix it.