Thursday, November 20, 2014

Buttigieg To Seek Reelection

Mayor Pete Buttigieg
In 2006, I decided to go to the IDEA Convention in French Lick with my friend Christopher Jackson.

As we drove into French Lick, we noticed several homemade signs along the road which all said the same thing, "Meet Pete".  We chuckled and didn't think much more about it.

The viral campaign didn't end there.  Once we got to the French Lick Springs Hotel, the signs were everywhere.  "Meet Pete"..."Meet Pete"  So, Chris and I got the idea that we should find out who this Pete guy was.

It was Pete Buttigieg, and the campaign was perfect.  We met Pete, and we were instantly impressed.  His campaign for Treasurer of State that year didn't end up going well, but I am pleased that I have struck up a friendship with Pete because of it.

Four years ago, that young guy I met at French Lick with the homemade signs was in the middle of deciding to run for Mayor of South Bend.  He would, and he would be elected.  On Tuesday, I received word that Mayor Pete Buttigieg was going to run for reelection.

When Buttigieg was hired by the voters to run the City of South Bend, the city was in trouble.  Since then, the Mayor has added jobs, reduced unemployment, tackled vacant housing problems, and modernized the city's technology and the way residents relate to it.  He's done a great job as I knew he would.

The future is very bright in South Bend and for the Mayor.  He's just 32 and is likely to win reelection.  Inevitably, the question will someday be asked what's next.  I expect that he'll make that choice very carefully, and I think the voters will listen when he decides.

Right now, he's decided that his future is in South Bend city government, and that's good news for the great city on the St. Joseph's River.

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