Monday, November 3, 2014

Breaking News: Ballard Endorses Carney...Almost One Day Before Election, LOL

Almost a Selfie...
Mayor Greg Ballard and Emmitt Carney
Photo via Twitter
Well, Emmitt Carney has really made it now.  Mr. Public Safety is Job One, Mayor Greg Ballard, has placed his seal of approval on Carney's campaign for Sheriff...just a little over one day before the election.

I didn't check and see if there's a selfie to commemorate the moment on Carney's Facebook page.

Clearly Ballard wanted to make sure that Carney was the right man for the job.  He waited until he and Carney could make the most out of a court error that accidentally released a prisoner last week.  The prisoner, by the way, is back in jail at this hour...without incident.

I was curious, so I went ahead and did a Google search on the accidental release of prisoners.  Turns out, it happens quite often across the country and even in Canada.  Mistakes happen, to the tune of thousands of accidental prison releases happen in a year across the U.S.  It's not desired here, there, or anywhere, but when you deal with the volume of people that come in and out of the Marion County Jail, it's going to happen...and it has happened in the past regardless of who has been Sheriff of Marion County.

Then, add in that you're also dealing with multiple agencies.  In the case of the individual released this past week, it was an apparent code mistake on the order to the Sheriff's Office.  That doesn't excuse it, and I'm sure that Sheriff Layton had wished the court had not made the mistake, but it's not his office's responsibility to parse orders. 

The Sheriff's Office is duty-bound to follow the orders of the court.  Would Emmitt Carney violate court order if he were Sheriff?  What would he do?  Again, he has said he'll improve training and things, but what does that entail?  Would the improvement in training be to violate court orders?  What are the implications of violating a court order in error?  

Mr. Carney, again, is a good man, but he's got no clue how to run a jail.  He's not made an effective case, as I see it, to be elected to such an important office.  The fact that Ballard waited until the last minute to engage smacks of politics no matter how many times the Mayor tries to tell us he's no politician.  

I've said it before, and I'll say it yet again.  John Layton's 40 years of experience and the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police should say a lot.  John Layton's 2014 Indiana Sheriff of the Year Award should close the deal.  

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Anonymous said...

I predict Ballard's endorsement will help ensure defeat for Carney.