Friday, October 17, 2014

West Side Candidates Forum Fireworks Fly Between Some Candidates

I attended a candidates forum put on by the West Side Chamber of Commerce last night at the Chapel Hill 7th and 8th Grade Center in Wayne Township.

Candidates for office from Wayne, Pike, and Decatur Townships participated.  Countywide candidates for Prosecutor and Sheriff were also invited.

Most of the night was pretty tame.  Bradford Moulton, the Republican opponent of Karlee Macer, raised eyebrows when he head-scratchingly attacked Macer on veterans issues and community involvement.  Macer is the ranking member on the Veterans Affairs and Public Safety Committee, and she's made the plight of veterans in Indiana a central issue in her legislative agenda since she joined the General Assembly in 2013.  Macer also is well-known in the community.  She's everywhere on the Westside.  Moulton's attacks were laughable.

Macer got in a few zingers.  Upon taking the podium after absorbing Moulton's attacks, Macer said, "I'm Karlee Macer. I know many of you know me. I didn't just show up recently and become involved."  She also took her last moments on stage to thank her family and supporters for allowing her to follow her dreams.

The other fireworks came from Senator Mike Delph, the GOP incumbent in District 29, vs. his Democratic opponent, J.D. Ford.  Ford spoke first giving a calm and reasoned layout of his platform.  He fielded a question on mass transit saying that despite the cost, it would be worth it to have a world class city and to attract young people.

Delph, with whom I had a very good conversation with prior to the meeting, launched into quite another zone when he took the podium.  Delph called mass transit a boondoggle and pointed out that Indy's designers had not designed the city for mass transit in the 1830's.  "We liked our mass transit so much that we paved over the tracks," Delph said.

Delph also said that a couple of the answers to reducing crime would be to return to "Judeo-Christian values" and two-parent families.  He said he wouldn't apologize for his views nor for speaking out against his own caucus.  He also railed against the courts saying, "Judicial tyranny is overrunning our state's sovereignty."  Clearly, he's still confused about the court's role in government.

The entire forum can be seen at this link.  They did have some problems with the technology.  It's also playing on WCTY.

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