Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Two Mike Delphs Add Up to Vote for JD Ford

Senator Mike Delph
photo from mikedelph.com
I got to see the two Mike Delphs first hand at last week's candidate's forum sponsored by the West Side Chamber of Commerce at the Chapel Hill 7th & 8th Grade Center.

There was a meet and greet before the forum, and I was mingling around with Rep. Karlee Macer, my friend Patrick Lockhart (who is running for House District 91), Marion County Clerk candidate Myla Eldridge, and Prosecutor Terry Curry.  I reached a moment where I was not talking to anyone, and, from behind I hear, "Jon Easter?"  I turned to see it was Senator Mike Delph.

I'd seen him out of the corner of my eye, and Delph had been talking with others.  Like me, he had reached a moment where he didn't have anyone in front of him.  I asked him how the campaign had been going, and he said that it was going well.  We chatted for a while about things.  He introduced me to his family, and I noticed his youngest daughter was literally hanging off her dad's arm as we talked.  It was a very positive and friendly conversation that ended with, "Jon, I know you and I have our differences politically, but if there's anything I can help you with, let me know."

I shook his hand, thanked him for the conversation and I went and mingled with his Democratic opponent, JD Ford.

Just a few minutes later Mike Delph stood in front of that auditorium full of people and lambasted the court system for "judicial tyranny" saying it had ruined Indiana's sovereignty.  Delph listed less two-parent households and a move away from "Judeo-Christian" values as a reason crime was higher.  He called mass transit a boondoggle and said that the founders of our city didn't design Indianapolis with mass transit in mind.  He called out the moderator, David Shank, for asking a "liberal" question.  He was anything but the same cordial man I had met in the hall.

JD Ford
Photo from Facebook
I guess there are two Mike Delphs, and I don't know which one you can expect at any time. The one that I met in the hallway before the forum or the one I saw breathing fire at the podium or on one of his Twitter rants.

That's a good reason to vote for one JD Ford. Delph strives hard to be a Christian legislator. Ford will strive hard to be a good legislator in the Senate. His mind is open, and his heart is compassionate. He's the best choice for Senate District 29, and a vote for Ford isn't just a vote against Delph. Ford is a candidate that matches substance with intelligence. You're not just getting some left wing liberal that's going to govern from that side. As I previously stated, JD is no ideologue. He's much more pragmatic and much more in tune with his own district than Senator Delph is. Ford is a Democrat, but he's not going to shut you out if you aren't.

Forward with Ford isn't just a slogan. It's the truth.

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