Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tatgenhorst Shut Out of Indy Star Voter Guide? No, He Wasn't...See Update

Karl Tatgenhorst
The Indianapolis Star apparently has something against Libertarians?

Two candidates say that when the local newspaper of record published its 2014 Voters Guide that they were conspicuously left out, and one of them would seem to have the e-mail to prove it.

Libertarian candidate for Secretary of State, Karl Tatgenhorst published a post on Facebook with a screenshot of a thank you from the Indy Star for participating in its 2014 Voters Guide, but when you go to that guide, it says he did not participate.

To be fair, Tatgenhorst says that he can't remember filling out the survey but that he's filled out several of them.  He also had that thank you from the Indy Star for filling out the survey in his e-mail archive.

Fellow candidate, Chris Mayo, who is running for the U.S. Congress in the 7th District said on Facebook that he had to call the Star and remind them that he did participate as they had initially given him the cold shoulder in the Voters Guide.

I guess that begs the question, "What does the Star have against Libertarians, anyway?"

This is the Indy Democrat Blog, and you know where I stand on most things.  This is wrong no matter what party's candidate is victimized.  The Star should immediately find Mr. Tatgenhorst's responses or send him a new survey, print the results, and apologize.


See what happens when you try to be nice and tri-partisan?

Just kidding Libertarians!!

Apparently, there was some snafu, and Karl Tatgenhorst did not submit responses to the Indianapolis Star for its voter guide as we erroneously reported earlier.

Thus, I owe the Indianapolis Star an apology and should have fallen back on my journalistic training to always check first before publishing a blog post.  My apologies to the Indianapolis Star.

So, the egg's on my face.  It doesn't happen a lot, but it did in this case.  Mistakes happen, and I shouldn't write blog posts while watching World Series Games.  No excuses.  I own it and move on.

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Josh Featherstone said...

Thank you for sharing this, Jon. You've always been very fair towards us.