Monday, October 20, 2014

My Take: IPS School Board Race

I have yet to weigh in on the IPS School Board race here, and I think it's important to explain why.  If this post is considered a cop out, I'm sorry in advance.

While my father spent almost 40 years in the district, I have had little direct contact with what's going on in IPS from anyone on the inside since he retired in 1997. I feel that I am out of touch, and I can't definitively tell you which candidate would be best able to rub balm on the aches and pains of the district.

What I can tell you is that there is obviously a lot of money at work in a non-partisan and supposedly non-political race.  I've never been a big advocate of the Mayor of Indianapolis appointing the IPS School Board or the Superintendent because I believe it does keep a certain bit of politics out of the race.  With that said, it's hard not to see the potential influence that an influx of cash and endorsements quite possibly could have on the individual Commissioners.  

This is not an indictment of one candidate over another.  I have not dug deep enough into the platforms of each candidate to give you some idea of what I believe is the best course of action forward.  I will just urge voters to be informed and to be cautious going forward.  The balance on that board is precarious as it is: this much I know.  An addition or a subtraction from the board might change the philosophy of IPS considerably.

The most important thing you can do is that when you vote, make sure you turn over the ballot and be informed as you cast your ballot for IPS Board of School Commissioners.  

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