Monday, October 6, 2014

Marriage Equality Comes to Indiana

I don't even know where to begin.

Apparently, this morning a huge rainbow appeared over Central Indiana.  Even Mike Delph, the State Senator who has doggedly fought marriage equality for years, noticed it.

God's rainbow perhaps was the sign of another promise as well: equality.

For all the money, time, effort, and talent spent on this issue, the fight for marriage equality in Indiana sort of ended with a whimper.  There was no dramatic hearing in front of the nine most-powerful jurists in the country or dramatic wait for the verdict outside the pillared-court building.  Nope.  The United States Supreme Court simply said that it didn't want to hear the case bumped up to them by the appeal of the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals decision a few weeks ago.  The Supreme Court has allowed the decision to stand.

Marriage equality is a reality in Indiana.

I can't tell you how I feel right now.  I don't think it has sunk in.  I finally have the right to marry the man I love...whoever that man may one day turn out to be.  It's remarkable, and I'm sure that I'll be able to express my feelings more clearly at another time.

Here's the real impact.  The children born today in Indiana will have the right to marry the person they wish to marry.  Love will be the determining factor, and it will have been that way from the time they were born.  They will have never known a state that discriminated against people on the basis of the sexual orientation when it comes to marriage.

There's still work left to do.  For example, you can still be fired simply because you're gay in Indiana.  This, however, is a start.

Thank you to everyone that made this historic day a reality.  You have no idea how much your efforts mean to me.

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Anonymous said...

Marriage equality is here, and now Judge Young struck down the judicial selection law in Marion County. The hits just keep on coming!