Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Layton's Accomplishments, 40 Years of Experience Should Earn Him Second Term

Marion County Sheriff
John Layton
Once upon a time, the Marion County Jail was inhumane and so overcrowded that Judge Sarah Evans Barker imposed a cap on the number of inmates that could be in the lockup at one time.

Then, Sheriff Frank Anderson was elected.  That change made a big difference in the direction of the jail.  Pretty soon, the court order was lifted.  The comparisons between jails in Tijuana stopped.  The treatment of prisoners improved, and the jail was on the road to accreditation.  A key member of Anderson's team was Colonel John Layton.

In 2010, John Layton was elected Sheriff of Marion County.  In four years, he's put his own spin on the Sheriff's Office despite challenges none of his predecessors ever faced.  Sheriff Layton has continued improvements at the jail and his team has earned the prestigious American Correctional Association accreditation for the Marion County Jail.  

Under Layton, the Marion County Sheriff's Office has also earned other accreditations. The innovative Hope Hall program has made a difference for a number of female inmates.  Layton also was voted Sheriff of the Year just this year by his peers in the State of Indiana.  He's continued to hold the line against sex offenders and those that would do harm to our youth by conducting warrant sweeps and assigning each deputy (including himself) a group of offenders to personally monitor.

Have things been perfect? No. There have been, at times, concerning problems, and Sheriff Layton is the first to take responsibility for those issues. Layton has been up front, honest, and transparent when dealing with those issues.  When a member of his team has done something to betray the public trust, he has acted swiftly.  When problems have occurred, he has had a plan to fix it.  With the volume of people that the Marion County Sheriff's Office processes on a yearly basis, it's amazing there aren't more errors.  Changing the sheriff won't solve those problems.

Emmitt Carney
Emmitt Carney is a good man who has strong credentials and a long history of community involvement as a youth baseball coach.  His law enforcement experience in Kentucky and with the ATF would really look strong if the Marion County Sheriff's Office was pre-merger.  For the Marion County Sheriff's Office of 2014, John Layton is the best choice.

Carney's experience would also look great if he wasn't running against John Layton who has 40 years of experience...all within the Marion County Sheriff's Office.  He's served in almost every capacity possible within the MCSO.  Carney can't match the depth of knowledge or quality of experience that Layton has.  

Finally, I've watched John Layton build one of the most diverse and welcoming government agencies that I've ever seen.  When I have attended campaign functions for Layton, you see people of all sorts and families of all different makeups there.  John Layton understands that a diverse MCSO reflects the community it serves.  I'm proud to have supported Sheriff Layton four years ago, and I look forward to casting my vote for him again.

Layton deserves another four years in office, and I hope you'll join me in voting to give him a second term.

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Anonymous said...

We have been so lucky to have such a compassionate sheriff. He deserves 4 more years!