Monday, October 27, 2014

Independent House District 92 Candidate Arrested

Sometimes you have to reset the "I've seen enough to know I've seen it all" boundaries.  In politics, that happens on a near daily basis.

Here's the latest one.

In House District 92, Representative Karlee Macer, a Democrat, is working hard to defend her seat over Republican challenger Bradford Moulton.  A third name had entered the race in the spring as an independent candidate. 

That candidate, John Couch, has now been arrested. Accused of stalking Macer, Couch has also been charged with three other crimes.  Here is the report from WISH-TV, Channel 8's Jim Shella.  As Shella notes, Couch denies stalking Macer.

The Indianapolis Star report provides a bit more detail.

On a personal note, I want to wish my friend Representative Macer and her family the best and encourage her to keep up the fight for those she is serving on the Westside and in the State of Indiana.

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