Monday, October 27, 2014

Hogsett Shows Formidable Energy in Early-Going of Mayor's Race

Joe Hogsett Campaigns in Speedway
Photo from Facebook
Ladies and gentlemen, as I reclined on my couch Saturday, I came to a realization.  In the time that I had reclined, Joe Hogsett had made three campaign stops.

That's why it's going to be tough to beat Joe in 2015.  He's out now and running all across the city for Mayor.  The thing is...he's hitting Republican areas.  Hogsett released the picture I've included in this piece on Facebook as he sat down for a late breakfast or early lunch at Charlie Brown's Pancake House...a SPEEDWAY landmark.

Unless the candidate's name is Ballard and is able to outspend Hogsett, it's starting to look like a very daunting task for the GOP to even foster a token effort.  They might be wise, as some have stated, to punt on the Mayor's race and try to make a play for the 13 seats they'll need to control the Council.  That's even going to be tough.

Joe Hogsett will get the working class vote of Indianapolis that has scratched for Greg Ballard in the last two elections.  Mark this tape.  He may even grow some coattails.  This race is different for a number of reasons.  A Mayor's campaign is the ultimate test of the old "Who do you want to have a beer with?"

Ballard has won that race twice.  He's not going to beat Hogsett in that regard, and he knows it.  Instead of a big Congressional District or a statewide campaign.  Hogsett only has to worry about contacting as many voters as he can in Marion County and Indianapolis, and he's already working it.


Paul K. Ogden said...

Even if Ballard ran and he matched Hogsett on fundraising, it is very unlikely he could win. I don't think anyone thinks Melina Kennedy is a stronger candidate than Joe Hogsett would be. Yet Ballard only managed 51% of the vote against Kennedy. That was 2011 and the county will be more democratic in 2015 than it was 4 years earlier.

Anonymous said...

How many races has Joe won?

johnnystir said...

Joe won the Secretary of State race in 1990 against Bill Hudnut. Maybe you've heard of him?