Thursday, October 23, 2014

Hogsett Grabbing Key Endorsements in Race for Mayor

Joe Hogsett on the campaign trail
Photo from Facebook
He may not be an announced candidate yet, but Joe Hogsett is racking up the endorsements. In fact, he added two more just yesterday.

Former State Representative Bill Crawford and Marion County Auditor Billie Breaux have endorsed Hogsett's run for Mayor. Those endorsements now stand beside those of a growing number of local politicians and labor and trade groups.

In the news release provided by the Hogsett campaign, both Breaux and Crawford stressed Hogsett's ability to unite people as a reason for their endorsement.

Said Breaux: “Both as a private citizen and public servant, Joe Hogsett has always been someone who could unite people from all walks of life to bring about change. That quality is rare and needed now more than ever. I am proud to endorse Joe’s campaign.”

And Crawford: “Last month’s U.S. Census Bureau statistics showed that there is a growing divide in our city. We need leadership that can bring people together to heal the wounds of poverty and economic insecurity, as well as the scars left behind by crime in our neighborhoods. That is why I support Joe Hogsett – he is the kind of leader who is always there with the people, listening and learning about their concerns.”

The news release makes reference to the 2013 American Community Survey released in September that showed over one in five Indianapolis residents and nearly one in three children live below the poverty line.  

So far, Hogsett has gained the support of Washington Township Trustee Frank Short, Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry, United Steelworkers Local 1999, Teamsters Local 135 and United Food and Commercial Workers Local 700.

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