Thursday, October 16, 2014

Few Hoosier Political Ads on TV So Far in 2014

I've been on vacation this week, so it's given me a chance to catch up on some television viewing.

One thing I've noticed is the dearth of political ads.  It's almost scary.  We are just a little under three weeks from Election Day, and there's really only two ads up and running consistently.

One is for Democratic candidate for Secretary of State, Beth White.  

White's ad is TOTALLY Beth White.  It's cheery and light, but it has some substance buried within it.  It's catchy and memorable, and it's been running a lot.  Makes you wonder where the incumbent's ads have been.  Connie Lawson, an appointed officeholder running for her first solo term, has yet to run an ad that I've seen.  It's almost as if she thinks she's got this thing in the bag.  

The other ad I've seen is for Suzanne Crouch, Republican for Indiana Auditor.

To be honest, it's another strong, positive ad.  The red glasses theme carries throughout well, and it gives a personality to an otherwise personality-free office.  Some of the accomplishments of Crouch seem overstated given her short time on the job.  It could also be termed critical of her predecessors, Dwayne Sawyer and Tim Berry.  The ad feels like a spot that's for someone seeking the office instead of an incumbent in some ways, and I think that's smart.  It's not as good as White's ad, but it's solid.

I've heard that Mike Claytor will be up with an ad for Auditor of State soon from the Democratic side of things.  I also wonder if we'll see any ads for some of the Indiana House and Senate races.  

We've certainly come a long way from the 2010 election season with no competitive U.S. House races in the Indy market and no Senate seat being fought over. In 2010, Terry Curry and John Layton were both up and on television with ads by this point in their races.  Layton's original ad for Sheriff is still one of my all time favorite spots.

I guess this is all just a symptom of a 2014 campaign season that just hasn't been all that exciting to this point at least here in Indiana.  Don't tell that to the candidates, though!

My friend, Abdul-Hakim Shabazz of WIBC and tells me that Lawson has an ad up and running on cable TV and will be up everywhere next week.  I did a YouTube search and found this spot.  It's pretty good, but it's a little cliched.  Again, I haven't seen some of the things she touts as accomplishments, but it's a strong, hard-edged ad.


This ad just went up on Mike Claytor's YouTube page.  The tone is more negative, but it gets its message across well.  No one is minding the store.  It doesn't attack Suzanne Crouch but more the entire problem of state government corruption.

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m.s.Woods said...

Well, I don't think many people will complain about the decrease in political ads, particularly the negative ones. --Mike Woods