Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Curry's Earned Four More Years

Marion County Prosecutor
Terry Curry
Four years ago, it was becoming apparent at this time that the Mark Massa campaign was getting desperate in its battle to keep the Prosecutor's seat for Republicans.

The now-Indiana Supreme Court jurist was lobbing ads at Terry Curry questioning his integrity.  Curry fired back a simple ad, and the race was over, but it was probably long over before then.  Curry's campaign in 2010 got elected because of a great ground game that knocked doors and worked very hard.  It was only a precursor as to what we would get from Prosecutor Terry Curry.

During the campaign in 2010, Curry promised to return a sense of dignity and character to the Prosecutor's Office.  He kept his promise.  In fact, he's kept most of his promises from 2010.  It's a fact he's played up in his ads running on TV screens across Indianapolis.

He's gone after white collar criminals.  He's prosecuted high-profile cases aggressively and fairly.  He's been tough when he's had to be, and he's taken risks like refiling charges his predecessor Carl Brizzi dropped against Officer David Bisard.

Some have attempted to criticize Curry on being too soft on some criminals, but the incumbent has earned the endorsement of the Fraternal Order of Police.  They believe he's the right man for the job.  He's also earned the endorsement of the Indianapolis Star.

Duane Merchant
Duane Merchant has the background to be Prosecutor, but his campaign has been laughable.  Some of the IPS School Board candidates have outraised Merchant in a single large contribution report.  I understand that he likely has not gotten as much support as he'd like from the Marion County GOP, but he really doesn't seem to have made much of an effort to raise money at all.  That would have been something he needed to do to put on a credible campaign against Curry.

Even a robust campaign by Merchant likely would not have made a difference in this race.  Terry Curry has earned his second term in office through hard work and strong leadership.

Finally, if you don't believe Curry has had an effect on the office he was elected to, just ask someone that has worked there.  He has definitely restored the integrity to the office and has made it much more responsive to the community.  The Community Prosecutor Program continues to work.  Curry has also made it a point to use his office to educate the community on everything from fraud perpetrated against seniors to the effects of bullying.  I've seen him talk to teenagers about their problems, and he sincerely wants the best for this community.  He's never stopped coming to party functions and events (as sometimes busy officials do outside of their election cycles).  He is approachable and easy to get to know.

Terry Curry has earned a second term to further transform the Marion County Prosecutor's Office.  I hope you'll join me in supporting him.

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Kilroy said...

Just having a hard time getting over the whole Omnisource debacle.

And knowing many deputy prosecutors and ex-deputy prosecutors in that office, I have not heard any good comments about Curry.