Monday, October 13, 2014

Ballard's Plan to Fight Crime Overdue, Borrows from Predecessor

Mayor Greg Ballard
Why did it take you seven years, Mr. Mayor?

The Mayor of Indianapolis finally appears to be paying attention to crime-ridden neighborhoods in our city, but his tactics are part old school and new school.

First of all, this renewed interest in these communities is coming leading into an election year.  While I don't doubt his sincerity, I do think it's interesting that he hasn't done anything he's willing to squawk about the six neighborhoods his administration has identified as high crime areas in the first seven years of his term.  After all, none of these neighborhoods are experiencing crime waves for the first time.  It's been this way for years.

Secondly, his idea of blitzing these areas with more resources is nothing new.  In fact, Ballard's predecessor, Bart Peterson, kind of used this principle to attempt to reduce crime in the Meadows area.  The results were, admittedly mixed.

Data-driven decision making is a great idea, and I salute the Mayor for trying it.  I sincerely hope that his plan works.  That said, he's several years late to the party and most of his plan is anything but groundbreaking.

By the way, borrowing from his predecessor, Peterson, or his 2007 opponent, Melina Kennedy, seems to be something Ballard is doing a lot of lately.

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