Friday, October 24, 2014

58th Mayor's Night Out Produces Small Crowd

Mayor Greg Ballard
I attended the 58th Mayor's Night Out in Decatur Township yesterday night.

I've been critical before of Mayor Greg Ballard and these road shows before, but I found last night's event much different.  It was interesting and informative.

First of all, I thought the Mayor seemed rested and on point more than I had seen him in the previous events I have attended. He sometimes will stumble around and not finish a point, but I thought there was less of that last night.  By and large, he answered the questions himself last night, and did a pretty good job.

Secondly, there was some pretty interesting information.  The Mayor used the opportunity to introduce the new Safetown Indy website.  I went in and found some of the data pretty interesting as well as the website design itself.

The problem was there just weren't very many people there.  I would say out of the entire audience maybe 10 or so people were not connected directly with the school system or the city in one way or another.  There were three City-County Councillors in attendance and a whole host of deputy mayors and department heads.  Even if the program isn't all that useful, it's still a great way to get in touch with your city.

I'm not admonishing the good folks of Decatur. It is tough to get away for an hour or so for many people especially this time of year. Also, I believe Decatur Township is still on Fall Break and some folks may be out of town.

We all care about our neighborhoods, and we all care about our city. These types of events are excellent ways to get in touch and involved.  Maybe by pooh-poohing them in the past I've been part of the problem.  I hope not.  I've said before that I like the idea.  If the Mayor handled them all like he did tonight, I'd even be much more of a fan of these events.

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