Friday, September 5, 2014

What Might Be the Cost of a Living Wage?

Courtesy of the Slate

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Anonymous said...

Talk about deceiving. They use a very cheap product to make it sound like all Walmart has to do is raise prices a penny to pay this so called "living wage." What they don't tell you is that no one is going to take a supervisory position that pays the same as the low level cashier. So penny increases become dimes. Of course this means banks, movie theaters, etc. will have to raise their wages, meaning across the board increases in price everywhere. Who is going to mop floors, cash checks, etc. in the low teens when one can go to Walmart and run bar codes across a laser and start in the mid-teens? This is an agenda driven video that ignores many other issues, such as why does Walmart need to life single moms out of poverty? Did Walmart cause them to have unprotected sex?

Also, exactly what is a "living wage?" Is it enough money to not qualify for welfare? Is it enough money so the single mom can afford one Disney vacation a year? Does this mean single moms with multiple kids should get more money?

Start paying these folks $15/hour and many of these single moms on welfare are going to be replaced. That wage will draw in single stay at home moms looking for some extra cash who will work while the kids are at school, it will draw college kids, it will force other industries that pay in the low teens now (ie: FedEx) to drastically increase their hourly wage to draw back their higher level employees, etc.. The economy is interconnected. What happens to all the welfare social workers when we have no one qualifying for benefits because they make so much? How many job losses there? How many of those college educated folks with degrees will be taking their former clients jobs at Walmart and the like?

Of course this came from Slate, who picks and chooses facts to advance their political agenda.