Monday, September 15, 2014

Thoughts on Vaughn...

Ryan Vaughn
Ryan Vaughn sent a political shockwave through Marion County on Friday.  He's leaving Mayor Ballard's Administration after a little over two years on the job.

Vaughn is set to become the President of the Indiana Sports Corporation.  He will replace the outgoing Allison Melangton who will be joining Hulman Corporation as Senior Vice President of Events.  In other words, she'll be helping to plan and execute events at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.  The shuffle won't happen until October 27, but Vaughn leaving the Mayor's Office at this time is pretty interesting.

A Ben Davis High School and Wabash College graduate, Vaughn has climbed quickly from attorney to politician to his new position.  Brought on by the Mayor for, among other things, his acumen at dealing with the City-County Council as its former President, he will be taking that experience with him to ISC at a very critical time for Ballard.

According to news reports, the move over to ISC gives Vaughn a big raise, and he won't have to deal with many of the headaches he did as Ballard's COS.  It's a stressful job, and I can understand why the allure of the chance to do his own thing at the ISC was so tempting for Vaughn.  It might also be building up that resume for something in the future.

His comments about getting out of politics are definitely interesting.  Vaughn was someone many had thought might be interested in running for Mayor of Indianapolis.  That clearly is not going to happen with him taking this new position.  Makes you wonder what Mayor Ballard's thinking.  If he's running for a third term, he won't have one of the people that has been a key adviser on the government side there to turn to.  If this signals the Mayor is not running for a third term, it could mean that Vaughn has seen the future in his crystal ball may be cloudy for the Marion County Republican Party.

In any case, I wish Ryan Vaughn the best.  Even when I've been hard on him in the words of this blog, he's always treated me nicely.  He's a good man who you'll see back in the game someday and somewhere.


Paul K. Ogden said...

I was always baffled by why people thought Vaughn might run for mayor. First, the county is becoming heavily Democrat. Most likely Ballard is the last Republican we'll see in the Mayor's Office for quite some time. For Vaughn to run would be to take on an enormous task that is at best highly unlikely to be successful. Why would he risk the level of success, albeit mostly through appointment, that he's obtained?

Second, and most importantly, I don't think people knew how much Vaughn disliked retail politics. He hated meeting with constituents and even meeting with rank and file people of his own party. Even when Vaughn was in elected office, a councilor from Washington Township, he didn't attend Washington Township GOP meetings. Vaughn's dislike of politics is reflected in why he didn't win the state senate slot despite the fact that GOP organization people did everything they could to rig the vote for him.

Vaughn just isn't cut out for competitive electoral politics. If he serves in an elected position again, it would have to be a position where he doesn't have to run in a competitive environment...a lopsided district in which he doesn't have to worry about competition. Most likely that would have to be outside of Marion County, certainly not on the northside of Indy. I think instead though he'd prefer appointed positions.

Anonymous said...

Im betting it's Carlos May

Anonymous said...

Nice men don't screw the public over funds, fraud and on-going corruption. They were building their boy up for a term....he was nothing more than a yes man the time in politics...And who doesn't say sports isn't politics in this town..See ya none too soon and others soon we all hope and vote against..

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:06

Why do you think it will be Carlos May? I'm thinking it will be someone outside the administration

Anonymous said...

Carlos May? Really?? Seriously???

The way Carlos treated his close supporters in his many failed endeavors- whether it be as oft-time candidate or wannabe political kingmaker ("May November Group" complete with alleged Lugar backing) --- that is highly doubtful.

The only stature May might enjoy is entirely of his own creation.