Thursday, September 4, 2014

Short Out of Mayor's Race

Frank Short
Frank Short has removed himself from consideration for the Democratic nomination in 2015 for Mayor of Indianapolis.  He has endorsed Joe Hogsett.

Short's run was seen as a long shot to begin with by some, but the Washington Township Trustee showed that he could connect with potential voters and found a good message regarding the city's finances and the city's crime issue.

I think it's also significant that Short stepped out there when no one else was running and carried the torch against the Ballard Administration.  For these reasons, he must be both appreciated and congratulated.  He remains locked in a race with Wayne Township teacher Matt Smith for reelection to the Washington Township Trustee's Office.

His exit means that Democrats are down to two candidates for the moment.  Both Ed Delaney and Joe Hogsett have the financial means to make this a campaign that will go to May, but I have a feeling there will be a meeting of the minds at some point in the near future.  Hogsett is quietly working behind the scenes to shore up support.  Still, Ann and Ed Delaney have powerful friends, too.  This could go on for a while.

Mayor Greg Ballard remains non-committal on a third term attempt.  Clearly, he seems to outwardly like being Mayor at events such as ribbon cuttings and community forums, but you wonder if he really enjoys the heavy lifting of the job at this point.  Indy Star columnist Matt Tully tweeted on the Mayor's possible decision today.

The Mayor, for his part, won't be making many decisions in the near future.  Apparently, he's decided that the budget crunch and the roll out of ads for his education plan is a perfect time for a vacation.

Yeah...probably not a good idea.

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