Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Pence Stumping in New Hampshire Oct. 24

Former White House staffer and Indiana GOP Spokesperson, Pete Seat, pointed out the following on his Twitter page yesterday afternoon.

Don't you just wish Republicans would come right out and say it?  The truth of the matter is that Mike Pence likely could care little about the New Hampshire Governor's battle.  Pence's motives are clear.  He's considering a run for President, and his campaining for Walt Havenstein is part of that getting to know you process.  Bobby Jindal and Chris Christie, both Governors considering a run for the White House in 2016, have been in the state, too.  Incumbent Democrat Maggie Hassan is forecast to win reel.

The Governor is trying hard to throw people off the scent.  Pence told WMUR that he was just focusing on Indiana right now though is "flattered" by the attention.  Yeah, I'm not buying that either.  This man is enjoying the limelight and spotlight.

I just wish he'd be honest about it.  When he on October 24, it won't be JUST to campaign for Havenstein.  There are selfish reasons, too.


Abdul said...


Pence is on the executive committee of the Republican Governor's Association. His responsibilities include campaigning for other GOP candidates, whether they are in New Hampshire or New Mexico.

johnnystir said...

Sure...just happens to be in New Hampshire. He just happened to be in Iowa a few months ago, too.

Anonymous said...


You are not fooling anyone! Just admit it you are a GOP Hack! Pence is so delusional he actually thinks he is presidential timber! Pence is such an airhead!