Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Mayor's Twitter Feed Belies City's Reality

Greg Ballard is the mayor of a city with few problems.  

That's what you'd think if you looked at the Mayor's official Twitter account's feed.

On his feed are tweets congratulating the Indy Indians for an attendance record.  

There's also a tweet telling Indy residents to wear red today in honor of the Indiana Fever's Eastern Conference Finals home matchup with the Chicago Sky.

There's news about job commitments coming to town.

There are many tweets such as this one below about his plan to bolster pre-k education.

What you don't see are the kinds of tweets that I would expect from a mayor that's waist deep in the middle of a crime wave.  Mayor Ballard, by and large, ignores the reality of what's going on in this city.   It's indicative of the "don't bring me no bad news" mentality, and it has to stop.

Ballard addresses crime on his Twitter feed in broad strokes.  He doesn't do specifics.  It's the specifics that wear us, the residents, down.  We see the horrid stories on the news each night.  We read about them online, and we see them on social media.  We don't see this reflected on our Mayor's social media sites.  

Instead, we're treated to a rather Pollyanna look at our city's good side, and I get that. I know that we want folks to believe they live in a great, safe city.  I get that Mayor Ballard should be its biggest cheerleader. 

Mayor Ballard should also be our city's biggest realist, and I think the Mayor is missing a great opportunity to connect with citizens on social media about what's really going on in the city.  We must peel back the onion and be honest with what's on the inside.  It's addressing our problems head on instead of swiping them out of sight.  

I think that's the kind of Mayor of Indianapolis that will put us in a better position to solve our problems.  That Mayor understands that the job is not just to be at ribbon cuttings and community forums.  It's not just to tweet news when it's positive or when he or she wants something.  That Mayor understands that his or her job to live the job day in and day out and feel what his or her citizens are going through.

I honestly don't know if that's Greg Ballard.  That's one of the many reasons that I've "had enough" and believe Indy can do better.


Anonymous said...

"...waist deep in the middle of a crime wave"...I'm sorry but the statistics don't indicate any such thing. Are homicides up over last year? Yes. Crime down in all other categories. I suggest you follow @IMPD_News if you want a twitter account regarding crime in the city.

johnnystir said...

Again...this is what I'm talking about.