Saturday, September 27, 2014

Leaping Black Helicopters and Tin Foil Hats...Gary Welsh: Off the Deep End

Mayor Pete Buttigieg
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Advance Indiana blogger Gary Welsh does some good work.

He can be a great watchdog, and he does excellent work investigating government.  He sometimes raises excellent questions about what's going on and exposes hypocrisy.

Today, he may have stepped off the road and into the abyss.

Welsh penned a blog post about South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg.  As many of you know, Buttigieg was deployed to Afghanistan as a Naval Intelligence Officer in the U.S. Naval Reserve.  Now, he's back safely in South Bend and back to leading his city.

On his blog, Welsh lays out a case (for the second time mind you) that Buttigieg is a high-level spy for the CIA.  He doesn't provide anything in the way of proof...only speculation.  He also insinuates that Buttigieg's service in Afghanistan might be responsible for the growing drug problems we're seeing in Indiana.

Welsh's off the wall pieces such as this one, his incessant birtherism, and claims such as that Barack Obama is a closet homosexual really undermine the real credibility he has on many local issues.  It's unfortunate.

As for South Bend, you have a great Mayor who, from all official accounts, has apparently served his country with distinction.


Gary R. Welsh said...

Apparently school teachers today don't teach their students about applying logic to reach conclusions.

Point 1: Buttigieg is a naval intelligence officer deployed to Afghanistan as a unit of one. In that role, he could be doing national defense-related intelligence or nonmilitary-related intelligence. The CIA handles the latter, while the former falls under the Defense Intelligence Agency.

Point 2: Buttigieg publicly said of his mission there: "I'm assigned to a counterterrorism organization called the Afghan Threat Finance Cell . . . My missiion is to protect the homeland and target the most dangerous drug trafficking organizations in Afghanistan." A focus on drug trafficking organizations is not related to military intelligence. Thus, it falls under the category of intelligence handled by the CIA.

Point 3: What is the Afghan Threat Finance Cell? It's a multi-intelligence organization that is the brainchild of Gen. David Petraeus (later CIA Director) when he commanded the Afghan War. The ATFC is comprised of about 30 specialists on loan from the Department of Drug Enforcement, the Department of Treasury, the Department of Justice, the Department of Defense’s CENTCOM, the CIA, and the FBI, who try to identify and disrupt sources of Taliban funding according to Time magazine. Buttigieg is not from the Treasury, DEA, DOJ or FBI. That leaves military intelligence/CIA.

Point 4: "[Anne] Montgomery, a Notre Dame graduate and retired professor at the university, noted that her son has been to Afghanistan before," the South Bend Tribune reported. "He traveled there as a consultant with McKinsey & Co., a global management consulting firm based in the U.S., before becoming mayor." "His work is classified, so we know absolutely nothing about it," Montgomery added. He mother said he's "very interested" in the work he does there, but when she asks what he's doing "there's dead air." It is simply a fact that CIA people work in foreign countries under cover as employees of businesses, religious organizations or humanitarian groups. The fact that the CIA has many covered operatives working in Afghanistan at all times is a matter of public record.

Point 5: Working at McKinsey & Co. was once described by the New Yorker magazine as like working for the CIA in the 1950s. There are many alums of that company in national security positions. Susan Rice comes to mind. "As the world’s premier management consulting firm, McKinsey consultants whisper in the ears of power from more than 100 offices in 60 countries. And not just in the executive suite—government leaders from President Obama to Tony Blair have called on the secretive firm when they need help solving their most vexing challenges."

Point 6: The only other major job Buttigieg had before becoming South Bend's mayor was working as an analyst at The Cohen Group, an international consulting firm founded by former Defense Secretary/Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman William Cohen. The Cohen Group mostly employs people with deep roots in defense, intelligence and national security. Buttigieg is a graduate of Harvard, which has always been one of the top college campuses in the country at which the CIA does its recruiting.

Frankly, I'm not offended being accused of wearing a tin foil hat. The people in power count on the masses to toe the line and never question or doubt their government. As a teacher, you should explain what is wrong with my logic. It is undisputed Buttigieg works in intelligence. The question is whether it's defense-related intelligence or nonmilitary, CIA-related intelligence. I think Buttigieg inadvertently gave us that answer.

johnnystir said...

Gary, like I said, I have a great deal of respect for you and the work you do on local issues. On this one, I think you're a little out there.

johnnystir said...

And, I wasn't insinuating you were wearing a tin foil hat. It just made for an interesting headline.

Eric Olson said...

If the mayor does work for the CIA, then he must be smarter than most of the clowns we've elected over the past century!

Gary R. Welsh said...

Jon, I got excoriated by people for writing on my blog about former City-County Council President Beurt SerVaas working for the CIA. It wasn't hard to figure out. Funny thing happened. Republican caucus leader Mike McQuillen led a tribute to him at a council meeting following his death during which he paid tribute to his many years of public service, including his work for the CIA. Even the Indianapolis Star acknowledged his work for the CIA after his death. Yet I was condemned as a conspiracy nut for reporting the truth while he was still alive.

Anonymous said...

Well....Truth is stranger than fiction. Look at it this way,if in 1982-83 someone had accused the Reagan administration of secretly selling arms to Iran.....why that individual would've summarily been branded a heretic and accused of being off the deep end,no?

What everyone should really be aware of and concerned of is this: No matter what political party is in office or the majority,the agenda of our foreign policy seems to be the same. The interests are so powerful they supersede political parties and individuals. Keep in mind,the Clinton administration had no qualms in the starvation of one million Iraqi children. The Bush II administration redacted 28 pages of Saudi complicity in 911. Never mind as well the most recent efforts of Prince Bandar "Bush" in the quagmire of today's ME. We're like a broken record repeating the very same measure of music for decades now. And it all goes back to 1953 in Iran on behalf of BP.

America is insane.

Gene Debs said...

GRW will write his own obituary just to make sure he gets the last word!

Anonymous said...

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johnnystir said...

Looks fine on my browser.