Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Facts Hurt: No Pre-K Proposal Before City-County Council

Mayor Greg Ballard
My friend Paul Ogden took Indiana GOP Chairman, Tim Berry, to the woodshed over a recent e-mail to supporters that attacked Democrats for not supporting the Mayor's Pre-K initiative on his blog, yesterday.

Problem is...most Democrats actually support that idea, and that's all it is at this point.  Don't let the Republicans change the narrative on this.

Ogden nails down the exact point that needs to be nailed down.  This is not about Pre-K.  It's about the homestead tax credit that the Ballard Administration has had dreams of getting for years.  That's the "man behind the curtain" in all of this, but Berry can't come straight out and say it.  I'm glad Ogden went after his own party's chair on this.

Here's the thing, though.  It's straight up unfair and dishonest to portray Democrats as anti-pre-k.  That's simply ludicrous, and it's hard to believe.

The real and bottom line is that for the City-County Council...Republicans or Democrats...there's no plan to vote on.  None.  Mayor Ballard doesn't have a plan to expand pre-k.  The only proposal that was on the table was one to raise the homestead tax credit with absolutely no caveats that the money would be used for pre-k or anything for that matter.

Can you honestly blame the Democrats for saying no?

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