Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Delaney Speaks to Decatur Township Crowd

Ed Delaney
Last night, Rep. Ed Delaney spoke to Democrats in Decatur Township.

Delaney, who is unopposed for reelection in 2014, spoke for about 20 minutes on a variety of topics.  His message was simple, "I'm here to listen."

That's what he did for the duration of this talk.  He had lost his voice early in the day, so he picked yours truly to act as his mouthpiece for the evening.

Decatur Township residents shared their frustration about a number of issues.  The residents were concerned about the lack of sidewalks, pollution, education, the cost of utilities, the declining revenue from small claims courts, and a variety of other issues.  Delaney had a good grasp of the issues and was eager to provide his idea about what should be done.

Delaney attacked Governor Mike Pence for sitting on his surplus while local governments and residents suffer.  He said that he would do something this session to encourage the Governor to share his surplus with the rest of us in the state.  He also said that he was against eliminating the homestead tax credit for local income taxes saying that it was essentially robbing, "Peter to pay Paul."

Mayor Greg Ballard also was a target of Delaney's political attacks.  Delaney went after Ballard for selling the public water and sewer utilities to Citizens Energy for cash he used to repair roads and streets.  He said, "Indianapolis is the only city in the United States where when you flush a toilet...you pave a street."

As far as the Delaney vs. Hogsett race, Delaney explained that he is unopposed for Mayor and is unopposed for reelection in his House District as well.  "There are people 'looking at' running for Mayor, but I'm the only current candidate," said Delaney.  Incidentally, Joe Hogsett had a representative in the room.

Delaney appeared to have a very good grasp of the issues and a strong message carrying forward.

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