Monday, September 22, 2014

Carney Lacks Plan to Be Sheriff

Emmitt Carney
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On Sunday morning, Indianapolis This Week aired on WRTV.

Emmitt Carney, the Republican candidate for Marion County Sheriff, appeared on the program with Rafael Sanchez.  The longtime reporter interviewed Carney about his run for Sheriff, and let's just say it was not much of an interview.  Sanchez at times appeared to have more of a grasp of the issues than Carney.

Carney put forth no ideas except that perhaps we should "maybe" release sick prisoners to home detention to curb health care cost.  He also was vague on details and continued his attack lines about the Sheriff releasing prisoners early by mistake and keeping within budget.

Those are most definitely big concerns, but Carney's lack of ideas and his inability to come up with a simple answer to express his opinion on whether or not the Marion County Sheriff's Office has a role to play in the public safety of our city is really scary.  Carney has demonstrated no ability to show any ideas how he's going to keep within budget while maintaining the five areas of responsibility of the office.

I might also point out that John Layton is not the first Sheriff to have accidental releases under his watch.  It's happened to almost every Marion County Sheriff...probably since the office was created.  I talked to a well-known Republican the other day who has run for elective office in Marion County, and he seemed embarrassed by the Carney effort.

Carney's most definitely a nice guy, but his background is in law enforcement and not running a jail or an office of the size and complexity of the Marion County Sheriff's Office.  Rumor has it that he is the seventh candidate that was approached by Marion County Republicans.

Here's a link to the Indianapolis This Week report.  The Carney interview is right off the top about 1:28 into the show.  Layton will appear next week.

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