Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ballard Failing Pre-K, Leadership Test

Mayor Greg Ballard
Mayor Greg Ballard is failing his test.

The Mayor has failed to find common ground (so far) with the City-County Council to get what should be a slam dunk on pre-k accomplished.

It's not that he hasn't tried.  Ballard has opened up his campaign pocketbook and recorded ads on the subject trying to gain support for his plan, so why is he finding a roadblock?  I think it's mistrust.

Democrats are weary of the Mayor bearing gifts, and this is a gift for Democrats.  Pre-k has been an issue pushed mostly by liberals and Democrats for years.  It's just that many in the caucus I believe don't trust the city's chief executive.

He's spent his political and trust quotient on things like sports parks and anti-Democrat legislation at the state legislature.  Senate Enrolled Act 621 from 2012 did a lot of damage between the relationship of the Mayor and the Council.

The City-County Council Majority just simply doesn't buy the Mayor's plan to use the homestead tax credit to help fund the pre-k initiative.  Since the proposal to repeal that tax credit was tabled at a meeting last week, Republicans have been trying to tie the pre-k failure to the Democrats and the Council.

If this was something the Mayor really wanted, he should make it a can't pass up for the Dems.  Ballard's just not one to fight too hard.  He's not one to get his hands dirty.  He's content now to play the political game and to lob nastiness at the opposition.

Pre-k is important, but it's going to take a Mayor Greg Ballard that's ready to meet a Council Democratic Caucus somewhere in the middle.

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Anonymous said...

Bsllard has no plan for pre-k. That is the problem. He wants the council to accept his tax increase with no plan attached and with no guarantee that the money raised in the tax increase[abolishing the local homestead tax credit] will go for pre k education. I wouldn't buy that pig in a poke either.